Earlier today, a streamer called Atrioc was "exposed" after a clip went viral due to the discovery of a certain tab on his PC. The tab included the name of a website (which hasn't been included in this article to protect those involved) that features inappropriate deepfake images and videos of other popular streamers such as Pokimane and Maya Higa. After a brief period of silence, Atroic has now confirmed these claims and has apologized for what he says was a case of "morbid curiosity."

In his latest Twitch stream, Atrioc can be seen apologizing profusely for his actions alongside his wife who can be seen in the background (thanks Dexerto). In the stream, Atrioc also claimed that him visiting the site is not a "pattern of behaviour," and that he only looked once. To prove this, he also states that he can provide the receipt to show he only paid to access the website the one time earlier today. Atrioc's wife chimes in later to say that she does not consider herself the victim, instead offering condolences to those who have been affected or feel let down.


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"But I was on a regular website, and there was an ad on every video… and then I click it, and then I’m in this rabbit hole. I got morbidly curious and I clicked something. It’s gross and I’m sorry. It’s so embarrassing."

"I don't support this stuff, I don't believe this stuff, I'm not advocating for it in any way. I regret it, I would never do it as long as I live, I'll never do anything like this ever again."

While pornographic deepfake videos and images are highly controversial due to the lack of consent from those depicted, Atrioc's viewing of them is seen as more significant as the streamers he viewed are considered his personal friends. Neither Pokimane nor Maya Higa have responded to either the clip or Atrioc's apology, but other streamers with their names attached to the controversy like QTCinderella and 买球哪个平台最好用 (体育竞彩推荐平台下载安卓版) have expressed disappointment, urging those who know of the site to stop spreading its name.

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