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Our Dead Space remake coverage continues with a walkthrough guide for the game's fourth chapter, 'Obliteration Imminent'. As Isaac reunites with a friendly face, Dead Space's penchant for spectacular explosions continues to crescendo. It all comes down to cannons this chapter - big honkin' space cannons that'll do the job no other weapon can rival.

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Along the way, we'll point out great stuff to snag, note any particularly rough enemy formations, and help your personal Isaac Clarke get those calibrations going better than any Mass Effect mascot ever could.

Hammond's Nest

Dead Space 046 Hammond Captain's Nest

It's been a while since Isaac spent any time in a room with another living, breathing, human being. Thankfully, our first goal, as the story makes clear, is to meet Hammond over at the Captain's Nest. To get there, we'll start by hopping off the tram, hanging a right, and reaching the Main Atrium. Take the nearby staircase, and then the elevator, and you'll reach the Captain's Nest in due time.


Hammond, ever gracious, hands Isaac Security Level Two Clearance. But while we're here, don't miss the chance to interact with a nearby console in the Captain's Nest to begin the 'You Are Not Authorized' side mission.

Dead Space 048 Brute Encounter

Now make your way to the Atrium via the lift. As you approach the Security Door that Hammond gave Isaac clearance for, a new enemy emerges - a Brute. For their size, these things are distressingly fast. Their armor is intimidating, and their attacks are about as damaging as you'd guess. Equally predictably, they do have a weakness - the colored sacs on their backs. Your best friend when up against a Brute is, indisputably, Stasis.

Take the upcoming elevator to the second floor. (You'll have to interact with a console first.)

体育滚球平台 (体育竞猜平台app哪个好)

Dead Space 047 Elevators Main Deck

Mining Administration

From Administration Access, pave your blood-soaked way to Mining Administration, taking care to avoid some abrupt Slasher moments. Your goal is to find a circuit breaker here at Mining Administration, powering the cannons.

Electrical Systems

Now take the elevator to the third floor. We're gunning for Electrical Systems this time. There's a timing-based puzzle here: the floor is lava electrified for several seconds at a time. Getting past this is as easy as timing Isaac's sprint. Another Brute must be dealt with before you may proceed.

Stasis continues to be our best friend in Dead Space's fourth chapter - those scary wires going haywire can be slowed down to get past and interact with this next circuit breaker.

Water Purification

Back at the atrium now, and you may encounter some fresh Leapers while you're here. We'll finally take the elevator to Water Purification. Take this opposite elevator (the one we've not yet used) to the fourth floor. Keep up-to-date with Isaac's indicator; there's not a lot to say about this spot, except that you will, predictably, have a few more foes to kill. One last circuit breaker is here. With all three powered, the ADS cannons are prepped.


Dead Space 049 Cannon Calibration

Take the left door away from the Water Purification's ADS cannons and continue on through an elevator to Exterior Access. Our targets are three ADS cannons; each must be interacted with in turn while we're out here. (Random aside: doesn't this trench look cool?)

At each tower, Isaac takes control, and the game of Dead Space becomes a game of Asteroids. Calibrating the cannons means blasting space particles into far smaller space particles. We've got to do so around five times per tower. The twist is that we can hit a game over if it takes us too long to resolve the situation. That debris can and will dent and demolish the poor battered Ishimura over time.

Get rid of the Lurkers that spawn partway through the mission, so they won't interfere with the final tower. Double back to the Captain's Nest and Chapter Four is history!

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