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Fire Emblem Engage's ninth chapter is a pretty brutal encounter with Ivy. The crux of the difficulty here is Ivy herself. You won't have a ballista to help you out this time around. That's right, if you thought you were through with Ivy after defeating her in the last chapter, then you were sorely mistaken.

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While defeating Ivy will be your biggest challenge, it isn't the only complicating factor. This stage has a new armored unit named Jade. However, if you take too long to get to her, she will essentially throw her life away. But worry not, we will give you all the info you need to put an end to Ivy and acquire Jade in this tricky encounter.


Setup Phase

Fire Emblem Engage, Chapter 9, Selecting The Troops To Fight Ivy

The first thing to note is that there is only one sword user on the entire map—and that is Kagetsu. This means that lance-wielders will not be in high demand. It is time to let your axe and sword fighters shine. You absolutely need Diamant on this stage. Not just because he is one of your best swordsmen, he serves a special purpose on this stage.

We still used Louis, as we didn't want to go without our moving wall, we just equipped him with Leif's Emblem Ring so that he could be an axe-wielder when in his Emblem form.

Make sure you have either a Qi Adept or a Martial Master, as they will be necessary for stopping Ivy. You will want two healers, one for each of your two groups. Lastly, you are going to need mages. As per usual, we recommend you send Celine. Lastly, you will want two archers. They are extremely helpful for taking out the flying units efficiently, but more importantly, they are highly effective at killing Ivy.

When organizing your troops, position your axe units along the bottom, and your sword units on the top. Have one archer in each group (as there are flying units in both enemy squads), as well as one healer in each.

We tried doing this stage with just one archer so that we could level up Anna, but while it was doable, it was substantially harder than it needed to be. Just bring two archers. Don't get cute.

Fort On The Boarder Battle

Fire Emblem Engage, Chapter 9, All Alain's Troops Are Lined Up And Ready For Battle


2x Lance Fighters, 1x Axe Fighters, 6x Axe Armors, 4x Lance Armors, 3x Mages, 4x Pegasus Knights (lance), 2x Pegasus Knights (axe), 3x Axe Cavalier, 1x Martial Monk, 1x Zelkov, 1x Kagetsu, 1x Ivy

Additional Troops: 2x Sword Fighters (summoned by Kagetsu), 2x Thieves (summoned by Zelkov)

10 Units


Victory Conditions

最好的买球平台 (注册就送体育平台)


Spirit Dust (taken from a Mage), Elsurge (taken from a Mage), Steel-Hand Art (taken from a Martial Master)


★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8/10)

As we alluded to in the setup phase section, there will be axe-wielding troops above you, and spear-wielding troops below you, at the start of the battle. So, half of your army (your sword users) will go up, and the other half (your axe users) will travel down. After finishing off the first squad, you will reach the mid-section of the stage, here Jade will be fighting against two Axe Armors.

Fire Emblem Engage, Chapter 9, Talking To Jade With Diamant

A big part of this fight is getting Diamant to Jade before she finishes killing those two Axe Armors. If the Axe Armors die, and you haven't had Diamant talk to her, she will charge forward at Ivy and her gang. And armored characters are the last units you want to face off against Ivy (especially if you are playing on the classic mode). Make sure you get to her with Diamant before she throws her life away.

Even if you are indifferent to the fate of Jade, once she enters into that center area, Ivy will be charging forward, and you do not want to fight her before you are prepared.

Once you have recruited Jade with Diamant, Zelkov and Kagetsu will rush forward to the nearby tower. Once there, they will both summon two corrupted units. Zelkov will summon two thieves, while Kagetsu summons two swords men.

Fire Emblem Engage, Chapter 9, Zelkov Still Can't Hurt Louis

Zelkov will travel along the bottom, while Kagetsu comes at you from the top. You can use the newly acquired Jade to fight Zelkov, or if you brought him, you can use Louis. Zelkov puny knives won't be able to dent either of these heavily armored warriors. The same is true for his troops.

Kagetsu hits hard and is evasive, so unload a spell or two into him. You can even use your Warp Ragnarok if you like, as there are plenty of Emblem Energy Pools around here for you to use to get Celine's power back up for the Ivy confrontation.

Fire Emblem Engage, Chapter 9, Alear Takes Out A Thief

You can try to skip fighting the armored units positioned in the corners of the map, and just head straight down the center instead to confront Ivy, but just know that if you do so, you will also be missing out on Spirit Dust (held by the mage in the north group) and the Elsurge spell (held by the mage in the southern group).

Fire Emblem Engage, Chapter 9, Framme Breaking Ivy With A Two Plamed Strike

As we have mentioned multiple times, the moment you enter the clearing in front of Ivy, she will attack. Make sure you are ready for this, as she does an absurd amount of damage. So, that means that all your armored units need to be far, far away. Don't even approach her troops with them. She will target any character she can kill easily, and she because she is a flying-type her movement is excellent. Have these troops retreat. As for your archers, have them hang back far enough so that they won't be in range of her attacks, but close enough that you can still bring them in to fire off shots at Ivy. Having a well positioned Martial Master or Qi Adept will be a huge boon, as Ivy exclusively uses magic in this battle, so martial arts users are the only units capable of breaking her.

Speaking of martial arts users, Ivy has a Martial Monk in her crew. They will drop the Steel-hand Art if you kill them. So, as tough as it may be, you really want to try to take them out first before you land the finishing blow on Ivy. But don't be surprised if holding back in order to kill the monk forces you to rewind time a little, as giving Ivy another round can very quickly turn into her kiling a unit (which is pretty brutal if you are playing on classic). Once you are ready to fight her, move a unit with high magic resistance forward in the center opening to draw Ivy out, while having your more mobile units positioned in the corners. When Ivy rushes forward, have your people in the corners swoop in and take out her support units from behind.

Fire Emblem Engage, Chapter 9, Etie Shooting Ivy

As for killing Ivy, Archers are obviously extremely valuable. Guaranteed to hit moves like Warp Ragnarok and Blazing Strike are also extremely potent, especially since these attacks do not trigger counterattacks. However, in order to make things go as smoothly as possible, you really want to land that martial art-based attack so that you can break her and team up on her with all of your other units. Otherwise, she may just kill them with a single counter. She is a that deadly.

Exploration Phase

Fire Emblem Engage, Chapter 9, Adopting A Big Ol' Bunny

Next to Yunaka and Chloe, in northern section of the map, you will find 12 Steel Ingots. Head to the east, just a little past Amber, and you find a glowing spot that will reward you with 180 Iron Ingots. Travel to southeast section of the map, near were Citrinne is, to get 100 Bond Fragments. Finally, in the southern section of the map you will find the White Hop Bunny. If you have donated 5000 Gold to the Brodian Kingdown already, then you will be able to adopt the bunny. Head back to the Somniel to do your rounds, but don't expect to find anything new or special there. There are no new events, no new armaments, and the item shop will not have restocked their seals yet.

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