A huge replica of Kratos' axe from God of War Ragnarok has appeared in London, teasing some news for possible DLC. The installation is part of Sony's "Live from PS5" event, which kicks off today.

The leviathan axe will be in London until tomorrow evening, complete with Sony's fake police cordon and news crew. It's not clear what this stunt is in aid of, although it's possible that such a dramatic advertising campaign means that some pretty big God of War news is on the way.

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As you can see in the images shared by PlayStation UK below, the axe is ridiculously detailed. Not only is it the right size for Kratos to swing around, but it even seems to glow in places.


Right now, it's not clear why PlayStation has set up such a bulky - and very likely costly - prop in the streets of London. However, if it's anything like the Live from PS5 launch trailer, it's possible that it's hinting at an upcoming announcement for God of War fans.

The obvious answer is that this is teasing future DLC, even if it hasn't been that long since the game initially launched. The most dedicated fans would have long sped through Raganrok at this point, so enough time has passed to give them something else to get up to. Of course, it's also possible that the only purpose of the prop is to get some more eyes on the PlayStation brand, shifting some more PS5s in the UK specifically.

Yet as we spotted with the Live from PS5 trailer, some new announcements will be sprinkled throughout. It seems that a new Uncharted game is being teased, telling the story of Nathan Drake's daughter. Nothing has been officially confirmed, but it's hard to imagine what else the trailer was hinting at.

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