According to insider Jeff Grubb, Marvel's Wolverine is aiming to launch one year after Spider-Man 2 in Fall 2024. However, Insomniac is reportedly discussing a 2025 release date internally. Grubb also claimed that Insomniac is aiming for an R-Rating while also avoiding any ties to the Fox X-Men movies.

According to Grubb, Insomniac is doing that by using a pre-X-Men Wolverine. This means that, by the time we step in and begin playing, he won't be part of the team, making this a completely solo experience. Whether that changes during the course of the game remains to be seen.

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As for what the game will look like, according to Grubb, it will differ from Spider-Man in that it's several open sections of a world, rather than being fully open-world. He revealed all of these details during Game Mess Mornings on

Marvels Wolverine

Interestingly, Marvel confirmed that its games won't emulate the MCU by having a connected universe, i.e. Midnight Suns will remain separate from Avengers, which is separate from Guardians of the Galaxy, which is again separate from Spider-Man. However, Grubb believes that Spider-Man and Wolverine will occupy the same world, with him even speculating that we may see Wolverine in a post-credit scene for Spider-Man 2, or even in a passing nod during the game.

Grubb's claims also line up with Insomniac creative director Brian Horton who confirmed in September 2021 that Wolverine will have a "mature tone". An R-Rating is certainly fitting, then, especially given that Spec Ops: The Line writer Walt Williams is working on the script.

Whether Wolverine manages to hit that Fall 2024 release date it's aiming for, or if it ends up launching in 2025 as Insomniac is reportedly discussing internally, it's a while off. In the meantime, we have this year's Spider-Man 2 to look forward to, featuring Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they fight back against Kraven and Venom, two of the wallcrawler's most well-known and brutal villains.

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