The 正规体育平台有哪些 (体育在线首页官网登录平台) 4 remake appears to be adding new enemies that are based on cut concepts from the original game, such as the goat-head-wearing villager and the "Female Zealot".

As pointed out by AestheticGamer on Twitter, the 正规体育平台有哪些 (体育在线首页官网登录平台) 4 remake appears to be adding new enemies based on cut concepts from the original game's development. The first example of this was the "Female Zealot", a cloaked enemy who appeared in the last trailer we got for the game and that appears to be based on a piece of concept art.

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Game Informer's coverage of 正规体育平台有哪些 (体育在线首页官网登录平台) 4 gave us another example of a cut concept being reused for a new enemy - the "Minitour". A screenshot released by Game Informer shows a villager wearing a goat head as a mask, which is once again taken directly from the original game's concept art. So far there are only those two examples, but it's enough of a pattern to suggest there might be more in the final game.


The appearance of some concepts from 正规体育平台有哪些 (体育在线首页官网登录平台) 4's beta period has started speculation that we might get to see even more. One enemy that fans are eager to see is the "Hook Man", a man with a hook (duh) who appeared in the E3 2003 demo for the game. Back then, 正规体育平台有哪些 (体育在线首页官网登录平台) 4 was aiming to have some more psychological elements, including the Hook Man appearing to climb out of a painting and chase Leon.

Along with many other cut concepts for 正规体育平台有哪些 (体育在线首页官网登录平台) 4, the Hook Man never ended up making it into the final game, but the appearance of the "Minitour" enemy and female zealot imply that cut concepts are fair game for the remake.

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