Twitch streamer Pokimane recently revealed how she deals with online trolls. Most probably get a kick out of the idea their message ruins her day, and they imagine her getting so upset that she has to block them. It turns out, she barely sees any of the messages herself. Instead, she has people on her account who block trolls for her.

As reported by Dexerto, the streamer spoke about it 体育彩票外围 (极速体育网址平台). "When people are like ‘Oh my god, Pokimane blocked me!’ I’m like, it wasn’t even me,” she said. “But I’m happy for you if that made you feel better in your life. I caused you a source of joy.”

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Instead of trawling through her hundreds of replies and blocking trolls herself, "I have people on my account blocking people for me." She also said, "If people say some weird shit in my replies, on God, 90 percent of the time I don’t see it." So, if you're a troll reading this and you delight in creating burner accounts thinking they have any impact on Pokimane, they most likely don't, but if you just enjoy making random people read your bile, you'll probably continue regardless.


It sucks that she has to have (hopefully paid) moderators on her account who filter out troll comments, as it must be quite an emotionally taxing task. Still, maybe trolls learning the people they're directing their nonsense at don't even see the messages will make them stop.

Pokimane has recently been outspoken on the current Twitch controversy caused by streamer Atrioc accidentally revealing a website he paid for to access deepfake pornography of fellow streamers on.

She tweeted, "stop sexualizing people without their consent. that’s it, that’s the tweet." Atrioc apologised for his actions and has said he'll be taking a break from streaming while he works to right the wrongs he committed, and the host of the website has also taken it down, replacing it with an apology of their own.

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