Twitch streamer xQc is reportedly undergoing a divorce from partner and fellow streamer Adept. Although he's vehemently denied ever being married, publically available court documents refer to the pair as a married couple seeking divorce, which means he may have been in what's known as a common law marriage. Part of Adept's filing includes a request that xQc be banned from gambling, something that's been a hot issue for Twitch recently.

As reported by 2023买球世界杯平台, the divorce filing was combed through by YouTuber Henry Resilient. Adept has filed for a temporary injunction, meaning until further notice, xQc would be banned from doing the activities laid out within it.


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Most notably, the temporary injunction requests xQc be banned from "Utilizing funds in his possession to wager, gamble, or play any games of chance" and "Utilizing funds in his possession to acquire clothing, jewelry, or wearing apparel that is not reasonably necessary to support Respondent's minimum reasonable needs".

While this may seem extreme on the surface - it's xQc's money, why can't he spend it how he likes? - it's likely being done to protect any money or property Adept is arguing she has a claim to. If their relationship does fall under the grounds of a common law marriage, then she could be entitled to a share of the assests.

xQc isn't a gambling streamer per see, but like many of the top personalities on Twitch, he has dipped his toe into it. He bet half a million dollars on the World Cup final and lost it all back in December. Gambling is considered a form of "financial misbeahviour", so it makes sense why Adept would file a court document requesting xQc not be allowed to while the divorce proceedings go on.

Twitch has already tightened up its gambling policy after several high-profile streamers such as Pokimane and Mizkif called on the service to protect at-risk viewers from the addictive and misleading streams. This followed streamer ItsSliker scamming fellow streamers and viewers over $200,00 to fuel their gambling addiction.

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